Invest now in Preclinical Phase

The demonstration of true clinical proof-of-concept is a key value-creation step in the clinical development of a medicine.

Invest in the future. Invest in life science. We are looking for next 15 months seed capital to financing & reach till Clinical Phase I

according to business plan

Cover investment needs to reach and design the pre-clinical phase where the result of the solution discovered will be final confirmed, and prepare development of the first phase of the Chronic Pain for early stage of Phase I. Included: Process management / R&D project with Micar Innovation / Research and Development Process / Building the management & operational teams for growth. *Depend of the risk and discovering other therapeutics' target such as Alcoholism

Our Roadmap

The demonstration of true clinical proof-of-concept is a key value-creation step in the clinical development of a medicine.

The business model

The business model is based on discovering drugs and developing drug until phase 2a “Proof of concept" (PoC) and licensing them to the best possible commercial partner.

We are open

Bolka Pharmaceuticals are always open for Licensing deals / M&A / Strategic Collaboration / Development Veterinary drug – companion animals (Licensing deals)


Bolka Pharmaceuticals searching strategic Partnerships / Collaborations with other Biotech / Big Pharma / CRO in Neuroscience therapeutic area.


We searching strategic Investment with other Biotech / Venture Capital / Angel Investors

Invest now in Preclinical Phase - Bolka Pharmaceuticals

Bolka Pharmaceuticals is transforming the treatment of chronic pain by advancing one of the largest, exclusively pain-focused clinical pipelines of novel, non-opioid therapies. We aim to bridge the safety and efficacy gaps in current approaches to chronic pain management.

Our Mission

Chronic pain is a growing problem – not only in terms of the significant number of people that are impacted and the burden this places on our healthcare system, but also because of the abuse and addiction issues, as well as deaths, that have arisen from the high use of opioids to treat chronic pain. Our mission is to relieve the suffering associated with chronic pain by developing treatments that address the safety and efficacy gaps in the current treatment paradigm.

Our broad pipeline represents our mission to tackle the problem of chronic pain head on by developing treatments that act at new or emerging pharmacological targets and delivering them in ways that best address the particular type of chronic pain.

We believe that our non-opioid approaches to chronic pain treatment have the potential to provide effective therapeutic options while avoiding the abuse and addiction epidemic that has resulted from high use of opioid drugs.